You can submit your podcast in Brew to iTunes and Apple Podcasts so that you could have more distribution. Nearly every podcast directory uses Apple’s directory. If your show is on Apple Podcasts, it should automatically show up on most of the other apps which your followers are using.

Step 1: Copy the public RSS feed

The public RSS feed of your podcast will be available in your settings page of after creating a podcast. Your podcast along with the cover art and all the episodes will be included in this RSS feed.

Step 2: Create an Apple ID

You can either log in with your existing apple ID or can create a new one that you can use primarily for podcasting from here.

Step 3: Log in to your Apple Podcast Connect account

You're almost there! Once you have your new Apple ID, head over to Apple’s Podcast Connect.
You’ll see the screen below. Enter your RSS feed and click 'validate'.

Step 4: Submit your Podcast 

Once you click 'validate', Apple will show you a preview of your podcast. If everything looks good, click 'Submit' and you're all set!
Wait up to 24-48 hours (and sometimes longer) for Apple to confirm and approve your podcast.

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